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They also spent more time tracking, fighting and killing things, be they animals or intrusive neighbours.
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Women by contrast, politicked among themselves and brought up the children, so they needed to be adapted to enable them to manipulate each others and their childrens emotions to succeed in their world.
Young adults, over 17, more still.
Dr Vermas technique of choice is diffusion tensor imaging.To play this game you have to have a lot of expensive kit, not just a comfortable chair from which to pontificate.Sugar and spice or puppy-dogs tails?Neurology has been revolutionised over the past couple of decades by a range of techniques that can scan living brains.Because the fibres that connect nerve cells have fatty sheaths, the water in them can diffuse only along a fibre, not through the sheath.And science has quantified some of those differences.When it comes to the cerebellum, the extra cross-links between hemispheres in men serve to co-ordinate the activity of the whole sub-organ.Adolescents, those aged 13 to 17, showed more.That is important because each half controls, by itself, only one half of the body.

The distinction prevalent in the social sciences couple cam x between the terms sex and gender is a useful one and ought to be preserved.
But on average these observations are true.
Dr Verma and her team applied the technique to 428 men and boys, and 521 women and girls.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they have been able to map out differences in the ways male and female brains are cabled and match them, at photos ao vivo buceta least to their own satisfaction, to the stereotypes beloved of both folklore and psychology.
As that name suggests, advances in brain research depend on the development of better ways of looking at brains while they are alive and firing.The American government has recently promised to spend serious amounts of money doing so, through what it dubs the brain initiativethe inevitable contrived acronym supposedly standing for Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies.There is a lot of overlap, obviously.In men, by contrast, within-hemisphere links let them focus on things that do not need complex inputs from both hemispheres.Her volunteers ranged from 8 to 22 years old.Sex differences in brainsthose visible to this technique, at leastthus manifest themselves mainly when sex itself begins to matter.Gender refers to socially constructed roles that are related to sex distinctions.And that is exactly what Ragini Verma of the University of Pennsylvania and her colleagues do have.Each is divided into right and left hemispheres.

This follows water molecules around the brain.
What this means is open to interpretation, but Dr Vermas take is that the wiring differences underlie some of the variations in male and female cognitive skills.
One obvious idea is that because, in the days of hunting and gathering, men spent more time wandering away from camp, their brains needed to be adapted to able to find their way around.